Exchange Semester in Berlin

Hey guys!

HoIMG_0754w have you guys been? I hope everyone is fine J. As some of you know, I went to Senegal in January and March was the month I was going to Germany for my semester abroad.  I am already in Berlin for over a month, but I have not been able to post updates about my actual stay in Berlin… But today is your lucky day! Lol, not really.  Before I will tell you and show you about my stay in Berlin, I want to apologize for slacking lately L. I am really, really, really sorry!



Soooooo, I came to Berlin mid-March and me and my classmate did not succeed in finding any housing from the beginning, so we spent 3 weeks in a hotel! Lol, you must think that we are rich, but we are not… unfortunately! But, the hotel was pretty cheap! Our stay was very nice, we lived in the Franke hotel in Wilmersdorf/Charlottenburg, whichwas a really nice area and they have a great center with stores and restaurants. The hotel had a great location, mostly, because it took us 10 minutes with the bus to go to school… Currently, we live in Lichtenberg, and that is about 35/40 minutes from school L. But, the subway and train system in Germany is very easy to understand. Other than that, Berlin is such a lively city guys! If you have the chance to visit cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and even many more, JUST DO IT! I tell you, the experiences you’ll get can never be replaced by other types of knowledge. Remember that!

amazing view

IMG_0760Last thing is: my view! Hahaha, I live on the 10th floor of a student housing building and this is my view guys! Look at it, I have been taken lots of  pictures, especially when the sun is shining because the clouds are sooooooo beautiful then. Enjoy my view!


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