Eating at All Fashion in Dakar

 I have decided to add a new segment to my blog: #Food! Like many others, I love food. Here in Senegal, I go out to lunch almost every day with my colleagues. Which is great, we eat, drink, laugh and have good conversations. Therefore, I have decided that I want to share food-related experiences with you :). Even back in NL, I normally cook a lot. Other than that, I can watch Tasty videos all day long.

Today, we are eating at All Fashion in Dakar. The 12th of February was my birthday, and my colleagues and I decided to go out to eat at All Fashion at Almadies. This is the second time we’ve been eating at All Fashion. Even though the restaurant is literally next to our office, we barely eat there. However, today, I’ll bring you to lunch with me. Let’s just get to lunch!

menu - all fashion almadiesAll Fashion

All Fashion is a restaurant located in Almadies, right next to the Tigo headquarters. They offer new dishes every day, and usually you have a choice between two plats du jour. On my birthday, the dishes of the day were dibi  and mafe yapp. Dibi is a dish consisting of grilled meat, this can be chicken, beef or sheep. Mafe Yapp is a rice dish with a peanut based sauce and meat. At all Fashion you can get a dish of the day, a drink, a dessert and some attaya for 3.000 fcfa.  Which is a good price for a complete meal with drinks too.


Overall, the customers at All Fashion are our other colleagues. The service however is lacking. Even though they are nice people, there are certain things that they forget. For example, instead of asking the customer what other side dish they would like, they’ll choose for you. Also, you might wait more than 30 minutes before your food arrives. Overall, the place is alright, food is good but service is not so good.

our choice

When we asked our waitress what the dishes of the day were, we all agreed on Dibi. Obviously, we love DIBI!! After we all chose our side dishes and drinks, we started talking to pass our waiting time. On the left you can see a plate of dibi poulet, chicken and on the right is dibi yapp, beef. I obviously chose chicken and fries as a side dish. My drink of the day was Bissap. It can be very sweet and give you instant diabetes, but so so nice.




After the main dish, we got our dessert. This time dessert was a pancake with chocolate sauce. Of course, I was so full that I did not eat it. Instead, I drank the attaya (tea), which was delicious. Like always.

my opinion

I definitely loved the food at All Fashion. Service is a whole different story, but that is Senegal in general. Companies usually do not deliver a good customer experience. You can get to a restaurant and waitresses can pass you on many occasions without checking if you’ve ordered yet. They might not even greet you.

I’m excited to share more of my lunches with you! If you are interested in following Senegalese food trends, check out #LekkRekk. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on IG: @senegalesetwisted and @sntwistedphoto for photography and video’s. Check out my Facebook page @SenegaleseTwisted. See you during my next lunch :).

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