Eating at Pergola in Dakar

Pergola - February 2018First of all, HAPPY EASTER! Last time, I took you with me to the diverse Kabylie. Today, we are eating at Pergola in Dakar. The first time I went to Pergola was during my internship in 2015. Another intern at the time invited me to eat at Pergola, because her aunt and uncle run the place. From then on, we went more regularly. On Wednesdays, the restaurant offers the dish Méchoui. Since I’m back at Tigo, we usually go on Wednesday’s. Therefore, I really want to share with you our lunch at Pergola. Let’s get into the food!

Pergola - February 2018our choice

When we go to Pergola on Wednesday’s, we usually all go for the Méchoui. Méchoui is a sheep or lamb spit-roasted on a barbecue. We totally love this dish. Normally we eat it during Eid or other holidays. We all choose our own side dish, I always take fries. As you can see, I love fries!

On other days, I love to order myself some Yassa! Yassa is a rice dish with an onion sauce. Yassa is sometimes prepared with fish and other times with chicken. Pergola daily offers Yassa chicken as a choice.


Pergola is a restaurant located at Almadies in Dakar.   The restaurant offers Yassa every single day, and each day has their own dishes. Usually, you can choose from three dishes. But of course, you can choose different side dishes such as rice, couscous or fries.

Pergola - February 2018

The atmosphere at Pergola is actually really nice. Usually, there are so many people. Of course, most of the people are from Tigo lol. Therefore, when it is very full, we can usually sit down with other colleagues. Overall, the atmosphere is nice. The people who work there already know us, so that makes it easier. Other than that, on Wednesday’s you should definitely order in advance especially, if you want Méchoui. Otherwise it may happen that there is no more Méchoui. Service at Pergola is great. If you order early, you will wait less long. They serve you by order.

Pergola - February 2018my opinion

I definitely love eating at Pergola. The fact that the waiting time depends on when you ordered, makes sense too. On other days, I usually take their Yassa. I already love their Méchoui, but I also love their Yassa. As you can read, I am definitely recommending Pergola to anyone who is interested. However: order in advance to secure yourself a plate! Check out Pergola’s Facebook page here for more information!

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  1. I’m pretty sure mechoui runs out quick at ALL Senegalese restaurants

  2. So does yassa LOL

    1. Hahaha trueeeee! Every wednesday we are actually struggling because we want Mechoui, but we kind of do not want to wait an hour for our food lol.

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