Senegal: Podor

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Podor, Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Hope all is well :). This post is about the town I was born in: Podor, a town located all the way in the north of Senegal. Across the river you can see Mauritania. There are a lot of Senegalese people that live in Mauritania and vice versa. Additionally, Podor has a fort that was built in 1854 that was used as a centre for gold trading. I will show you the pics I took this february!


Mauritania is across the river. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Soo, I basically visit my grandmother there

Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

everytime I am in Senegal. My opinion? I find the town very nice if you have your own house there, and need some time to think or get inspired. It is quiet compared to the noisy and crowded city Dakar.

a hot mess

Quai de Podor. Saint Louis - January 2015

Other than that, it is very hot and during the summer the temperature can rise up, and even thinking will make you sweat lol. But would I ever want to live in there for at least a year? Lol, NO WAY. And the reason is because compared to Dakar, Podor is more a village.. People talk way too much about things that are not their business in the first place, and there are a lot of things that should be openly talked about, but is not talked about. I am not saying that Dakar is the perfect place to live, but at least people live and let others live too. But do I love Podor? YESSSS.


Random empty building. Saint Louis - January 2015

Random alley. Saint Louis - January 2015

Look at the quai de Podor. Saint Louis - January 2015

African Fashion. Saint Louis – January 2015
River. Saint Louis – January 2015
Fisherman. Saint Louis – January 2015

Window. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Other side of the river. Mauritanian forrest. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Look at the teal-ish color of the river. Podor, Saint Louis – January 2015

Another random alley. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Fisherman. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Half a door. Saint Louis - January 2015

Political expressions from the people. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Beautiful house. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Church vibes in a predominantly Islamic community. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

The road to the next town. Podor, Saint Louis - January 2015

Thank you guys for reading! Are you guys up for a blog post about food? Let me know!


6 Replies to “Senegal: Podor”

  1. pape maleye ndir says: Reply

    Just adding this.. podor is a ” twisted” word meaning pot of gold it was a rich land full of gold during colonization

    1. Senegalese Twisted says: Reply

      Yes! Just like the brand Podor for tomato paste in Senegal (pot of gold) :).

  2. Very interesting site… I found it looking for history of my last name… “Podor” , We grew up believing out surname was Hungarian .. Still haven’t figured out the Senegalese connection. However, I like the “pot of gold” idea too! Great photos, wish there was a good hotel there!?? Cheers

    1. Wow, that is funny! Does Podor mean something significant in Hungarian? Thanks! There are actually multiple hotels! You should definitely check out Hotel de Ville (Podor), Auberge du Tékrour and La cour du fleuve. Let me know if you want some more information etc.

  3. Geoff Schur says: Reply

    Also important to note that Podor is the home of Senegalese singer and musician Baaba Maal. I also think that he puts on an annual Festival “Festival les Blues du Fleuve ”
    Although I do not know much about it. Would love to know more and would like to attend one day.

    1. Hi Geoff, yes, indeed! It is also the home of the Senegalese musician Mansour Seck. The annual Blues du Fleuve is normally held for a couple of days during the first week of December in Podor. The entrance is free as well I believe. Let me know if you need more information, in the mean time you can check out (not recently updated though).

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