Lyvv cosmetics lip swatch with Senegalese Twisted & friends

In my last post, you got an introduction to Lyvv cosmetics and their views on beauty. The second video I made for Lyvv is a Lyvv cosmetics lip swatch. So, I decided to not only test three Lyvv lip colors on myself, but also on people in my surrounding with different skin shades. How exciting right? Yes, for me it was. Especially since it was the first time I got to see how Lyvv looked on others. Do you want to find out how I did it? Keep on reading and check out the video :).

Lyvv cosmetics lip swatch

So, for the Lyvv cosmetics lip swatch video, I got my hands on the colors Pearl, Line and Zanzibar. Pearl is a liquid lip stain that has a deep brown color. Line is also a liquid lip stain, but has a brighter pinkish color. Zanzibar is the total opposite of both aforementioned colors and is blue! Depending on how you apply it, the shade of Zanzibar can differ from light to dark blue. Pretty exciting right? So, for this video, I asked two friends Audreyy (@ludreyy) and Amy (@kamitgurl) and some of my cousins to test these colors. I really wanted to showcase how these colors looked on women of color and also, those of different shades. 


You may wonder why I would choose to showcase how these lip colors would look on different women. First of all, I find it important that when I buy lipsticks that I get an idea of how it would look on me. That is why I take so long when I’m in Kiko or another cosmetics store back home. I just like to take my time to swatch different colors and pick the one I like best on myself. Secondly, I really think that representation matters. If I would have done a Get Ready With Me video, that video would have only benefitted me and women who relate to my skin color. That is why I really wanted to involve other women in my surroundings to truly show how Lyvv would suit them. Last but not least, I like doing things not a lot of people have done before. How many people have gathered up their friends for a lip swatch? I don’t know any, but I know I jumped on that bandwagon the chance I got! 

my favorite color

Overall, I loved all three colors, because they show the variety of Lyvv’s collection. However, the one I favored over the others was definitely Pearl. I have a weakness for brown lip colors. I think that brown lip colors look so good on women of color. Also, I loved how Pearl looked on all the other ladies you can see in the Lyvv Cosmetics lip swatch video on YT.

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