Summer look tutorial w/ Lyvv cosmetics

In my previous post, you got to see Lyvv cosmetics lip swatches. Today, I’m raising the bar, I’m going to share with you something I haven’t done yet… Can I get a drum roll? *insert drum roll* I’m going to share with you a Summer look with my favorite Lyvv cosmetic product! It is so hot in Dakar these days, so I wanted to share a light and easy summer look. I don’t wear make up that often, especially in this heat. However, I thought that it was a nice, casual look that would be light enough to endure this heat. Let’s get into the Summer look tutorial I created for you guys!

summer look tutorial

What I love about make up on women of color is that there is so much we can do with it. I love the bright colors, but for myself I really love to use nude colors. Therefore, the Summer look I created is with the Pearl lip stain from Lyvv. Other than that, I used some bronzing shimmers also. Overall the look I’m showing you is a natural and light one. Also, it is not that time-consuming. You can do this within 15 minutes, and you could definitely wear it to lunch with friends or a casual day out. and I used some bronzing shimmers as well. I’ll definitely try to create more makeup looks on myself and who knows, maybe another make up tutorial soon?!

products used

You might be curious to what products I used?! Yes, I’m eager to share. I used an Iman Cosmetics liquid foundation that I bought here in Senegal a long time ago. This liquid foundation is so light, you don’t need a lot to even out your face, and I like that. Another liquid foundation I used was a matte one by Sephora called Café Latte (number 45). I use this on my T-zone because I think that concealer is too light. Therefore I like to lighten up the area before applying concealer. The concealer I used is from Afeiya and I got it in Senegal also. The shimmers I used were from the Body Shop. I really love these shimmer cubes! They give a golden/copper vibe and you could easily use these as an eyeshadow. I love using these as a highlighter. Of course, I used Lyvv for the lips! I used Pearl, a deep brown color to match the look. Last but not least: the mascara. I used one random 2-step mascara and one from Yves Rocher called Easy Plumping. 

Overall, I loved showing you my summer look with Lyvv.

You can check out the Summer look tutorial for yourself!

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