Pizza at Pizza Time in Dakar

Pizza Time in Dakar

Today, I am bringing you with me while I visit Pizza Time! Last time, I took you with me to brunch at Melo in Dakar. So, today we are EATING PIZZA! I am so happy to finally share some decent (in my opinion) pizza with you. So, I went here for dinner in Dakar. I have to say that my last trip to Senegal was full of firsts. Therefore, I am also adding this first trip to Pizza Time to the list. I actually gave up on eating pizza in Dakar, due to the different cheese they use for their pizza’s and I’m not used to that. So, let’s talk traditional pizza from Pizza Time!

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Pizza Time in Dakar

Pizza Time is actually new in Dakar. It is located in Amitié 3 right next to the big N’ice Cream where you can get some nice ice cream after your meal. The service at Pizza Time was actually very good. Of course, this also had to do with the fact that there were not a lot of customers. However, the girl serving us was very patient, she gave us some recommendations and overall nice. The atmosphere was also good, like most restaurants, Trace Africa or MTV is usually on with awesome music.

Pizza Time in Dakar

I actually went to Pizza Time on a Monday night. As I have mentioned before, it is way better to go out to dinner or for ice cream in Dakar on weekdays. During the weekend it is as if the whole population of Dakar is going out to dinner or ice cream. Also, waiting queues and service is most horrible when bars and restaurants are overcrowded. Last but not least, it is not good for your anxiety!

my opinion

Pizza Time in Dakar

Actually, I think it is hard to get an actual good pizza in Dakar. I have tasted pizza’s from a whole lot of restaurants such as Kabylie, Chez Katia and even La Brioche Dorée. However, these pizza’s don’t use Mozzarella cheese, but Gruyère, but I don’t like that cheese AT ALL. Therefore, I definitely LOVED the taste of mozzarella and the pizza’s at Pizza Time. I will definitely visit Pizza Time more often to try out their different pizza’s and food. We actually got the Reine pizza, which had mushrooms and meat. The pizza I LOVED was the BBQ with minced meat and bell peppers! I definitely recommend that one!

Definitely check out my ultimate food vlog where you’ll get a quick insight into Pizza Time in Dakar!

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  1. the best pizza is a Place du Souvenir Afriain….don’t forget

    1. I can’t forget because I don’t remember ever eating pizza there. Therefore, I don’t seem to be able to compare either..

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