SNTWSTD in Mindelo, São Vicente (2/2)

Welcome to Mindelo, São Vicente in Cabo Verde Part Two! You can read Part One here. After coming back to Mindelo with the ferry Santo Antão, we decided to relax by the pool. On our last full day, we took a taxi-minivan, also called an Aluguer, to discover São Vicente. I will tell you more about what we saw and where we went! Keep on reading 🙂

Mindelo, São Vicente

The day we came back from Porto Novo, we found someone who was willing to show us around on the island. He actually owned a travel agency with travel guides for São Vicente. Which means, we were lucky! Therefore, on our last full day, we decided to tour around and see the rest of São Vicente. 

The driver brought us to a small town on the coast where we got to see  fisher’s life. We got to see the architecture of certain houses, which gave me inspiration of course! Other than that, on the background you had a beautiful view of vulcanoes or nearby islands.

For example, this small blue-white-ish outdoor restaurant or picnic spot. I thought the set up of it was really pretty. It noticed it when I was on the roof of another building. Just look at the set up, you cannot tell me it is not cute.

The driver gave us enough

time at each stop so that we could take pictures, walk around etc. We took advantage of this option and basically made a day trip out of it. So, next, we went to see a fisherman doing his work.



At one point, we had an hour or so at the other side of São Vicente, and it was so quiet. We walked along the beach, on sand and rocks and it was just very peaceful to see the waves hitting the shore over and over again. Like a neverending lovestory.



And don’t forget to look at the

clouds! I find clouds super fascinating, especially when I’m traveling by plane.




The last thing we did, was going to the highest point of São Vicente, which had an amazing view! Check it out for yourself!



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