SNTWSTD in Porto Novo, Santo Antão

Porto Novo, Santo Antão - July 2017In this post, I will take you to Porto Novo in Santo Antão.

Porto Novo, Santo Antão - July 2017

The reason as to why it took so long: #BLCKGRLinAsia. Check out the mini-series about my trip to China, Laos and Thailand if you are interested! So, early July, I went to Mindelo in São Vicente, Cabo Verde and after a few days, we decided to cross the Canal de São Vicente and visit Porto Novo on the island of Santo Antão. In this post, I will tell you all about the beautiful city of Porto Novo in Santo Antão. Keep reading!

Ponta do Sol, Santo Antão - July 2017

Porto Novo, Santo Antão

After having spent a few days in Mindelo, São Vicente, we traveled with the ferry from Mindelo, São Vicente to Porto Novo, Santo Antão. Porto Novo is a small, beautiful city on the coast of Santo Antão. Just like Mindelo, the building and houses are big and colorful.

Vale do Paúl
Sugar plantation, Santo Antão - July 2017

The first day, we walked around on our own to explore the little town. The next day, we did a group excursion called Tour of

Sao Antonio, Paúl, Santo Antão - July 2017

Vale do Paúl. The tour consisted of either hiking and sightseeing, or just sightseeing but from the car… You can already guess that I did the latter. It was kind of relaxing to see things from the car, as it started raining and we stoped almost everywhere to take pictures.

Ponta do SolVale do Paúl, Santo Antão - July 2017

We started the drive from Porto Novo up north on the old road to Ponta do Sol where we’d meet the rest of the group that chose to hike. The old road is the oldest road on Santo Antão and slings along steep mountain Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão - July 2017walls, mountain crests and on the way you come across banana plantations and small villages, you’ll see it in the video! After

Ribeira Grande, Santo Antão - July 2017


Ribeira Grande

lunch with the whole group, we drove back to Porto Novo via the coast line along the Ribeira Grande. What we saw on our way was, super beautiful! I have not really been on islands that much, especially not tropical ones.


Just look at the pictures! The trip along the coast line, was extremely nice. The water was deep blue and the sun was shining and it was truly beautiful.

The last day in Porto Novo, we spent by the swimming pool! It was so nice, because we played soccer and swam with the whole family and we basically laughed all day. This was an amazing trip and I am happy that we had the opportunity to visit Santo Antão as well :).



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