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Hi guys!

Sea Plaza, Dakar

I am not in Senegal anymore, and in my last two weeks I had a bit trouble with uploading photos… And since I really appreciate visuals I did not want to just publish text posts. I have to say that I really liked writing about and selecting pictures of Gorée Island to share with you guys in my previous post… Sooo I have decided to do that for more of my trips! This post it is about Sea Plaza! Sea Plaza is a huge mall by the sea that has different stores like Mango, Jennyfer’s, a supermarket, a bowling alley, cinema and more! I went to Sea Plaza with my cousin Marilouise. We just went there by taxi, went to the mall, I took a lot of pics of the mall itself… Then, we decided to get some food and just chill in the chill area, where there’s wifi and you can charge your phone for free. Afterwards, we took pictures of each other and just selfies. When we were done, we just went home. Just check out the pictures and let me know what you think!

Sea Plaza

The Africa They Don’t Show You. Dakar, Senegal, February, 2015


Casino, Supermarket. Dakar, Senegal, February 2015


Casino Supermarket. Ultra Doux Hair products! Dakar, Senegal, February 2015.


The Africa They Don’t Show You. Dakar, Senegal, February, 2015


The Africa They Don’t Show You. Dakar, Senegal, February, 2015


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Dakar, Senegal, February, 2015


Selfie with my cousin Marilouise caught off guard. Dakar, Senegal, February, 2015
Selfie with my cousin Marilouise. Dakar, Senegal, February, 2015
This is me. Dakar, Senegal, February, 2015

Let me guys know what you think! Be on the look-out for more!

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  1. I’m learning something new everyday.

    Far as Senegal,West Africa’s no different. As a many African- Americans, had to rely on distorted images of the continent or Tarzan.I remembered thinking ” Was this all to Africa?” feeling bewildered but I also will never forget the general words from my mom when it came to life…that there are two sides…or maybe three..sides of the story. From there I kept my mind open.

    My mind about African began to open up when a Senegalese friend was telling me and showing me fascinating pictures of his homeland.The photos he presented to me was nothing like the dismal Africa being shown on TV: the beaches,tourist attractions ,homes and as mentioned outlets..he showed me all of that was visually WONDERFUL!! ( I have to say that because I’ve never been to Dakar or any other place in Senegal). Senegal seems laid back..and I love. My friend was also trying to teach me French ..which is my major..and a little Wolof.I’m going to get at least one of them in case I go there want to converse with a Senegalese!

    I also read a book called Kinship: A Family’s Journey In Africa And America by the late Phillips Wamba. With the exception of the book cover there are no pictures in his book, for some reason,his words gave you a great and honest description of his life being bicultural, living in North America and Tanzania, dealing with people of both continents, talking about Tanzania and mostly, discussing his parents bicultural marriage.

    Again, I never been to Tanzania but the way Phillips described it,it was real but beautiful. I’ll also on my ” Where I imaging myself going ” list. There is another book that pertains in international love/ living in another country called The Black Mzungu by Alexandra Osborne in were this African American woman marries and lives with her Tanzanian husband in rural Tanzania. I also thought I should get a gist of this part of her adopted homeland to see where / how she lives there. I look at her FB page and her story tickles me and educates me. With the exception of having mongooses, growing exotic fruits,or living near a beach..a lot of reminds me of going to my late grandmothers house in a small in the deep South U.S.A

    As I said,I cannot define my ” experiences ” on pictures/ word of mouth as I’ve never been to Senegal, Tanzania or Africa as a whole but I can only imagine like most of us do when we want to go to certain places. If I ever get the guts to travel abroad,I would like to visit these two countries not only to chill,but to learn another culture/ language and to be entertained.

  2. Senegalese Twisted says: Reply

    Hi S,

    Nanga def? Comment ça va?
    I am glad that you are learning something new every day!
    Yes, misrepresentation about the continent in America and Europe is still a big issue, I am happy to hear that you still considered your moms words and kept an open mind, as not a lot of people do.
    I really hope that you will visit Senegal one day, if not any other place in Africa :). As your friend has been sharing a part of Senegal that you might not have come across, which I think is also important. It changes the way we see the world and other people. Hence, the reason for me to share my experience on this blog/ website. I was so happy when I read your comment! By the way, those books seem very interesting! I will put them on my reading list, thank you :).

    If you want to ask questions or hear stories about my experiences, do not hesitate to email me on

  3. Far as Wolof…I barely got first base with! I may have have forgotten some of what he told me. He was throwing phrases around. Do Nanga def mean ” How are you in Wolof ?” far as “Comment ca va?..pas mal..bien.( I’m also thankful for that tidbit as I’m not around a French/ Wolof speaking environment).

    God willing, if I get a chance ..and the guts to fly planes I will. I hear lots of travel abroad people say what your saying about how it has made them more broad minded and or cosmopolitan with their fluency of a language. I would love to experience both. Occasionally, my friend and his wife visits there to see his parents and the pictures they show are awesome. I feel duped at times because if it ( not showing the real sides of his homeland and Africa in general.

    Social media can be a curse.. and in this case…a blessing. What media won’t show the world,this will. I was looking at a clip in this case about Senegal…the author showed the beauty of his country. A great deal of viewers, natives and non natives…like myself was impressed about what they seen but a couple of Tanzanians was opposed to it because of the struggles his country is facing

    I’m like this : Not to seem insensitive to the viewer concerns but Africa has been the butt of jokes and humiliation since day one.As I said, I initially thought that Africa was all barren land. The world needs to learn the truth about Senegal,Tanzania and the rest of Africa. Every place have a good and bad side but people need to see the beauty of that continent and see that its not a bad place to be.

    Thanks for your response and if I have extra questions about your experiences in Senegal, I will let u know.

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