Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza: I’m back in Senegal!

Yes, I am back in Senegal and this time I’m staying at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza! Normally when I go to Senegal, I stay with family. This is pretty common and also less complicated at times. This time, however, I was actually invited and it’s more of a business trip than leisure. Either way, I am definitely excited to tell you all about this trip to Senegal with you guys. Radisson Blu Hotel, Dakar Sea Plaza is where this journey starts. Let’s go!

I’m back in Senegal!

Yes, I know! I’m in Senegal once again. This time I’m here actually for business. Do you guys remember #ELITESenegal2018? Do you also remember Fadieye, Sonia and Sharesa? Actually, this year, Sharesa is a recipient of the 2019 Mandela Washington Reciprocal Exchange Fellowship! Therefore, she founded FundWell and we will be initiating the Fundwell Microfunding and Mentoring Ecosystem. This will be done in Saint-Louis with the incubator of the University of Gaston Berger. Sharesa asked me to actually come to take the pictures, manage the socials and overall assist during the event. Exciting right!? Thought so. Definitely be on the look out for the upcoming articles about #FundWellMME2019.

Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza

Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza is a hotel located at La Corniche Ouest in Dakar. The hotel is right next to Sea Plaza, therefore its name. Radisson Blu Hotel definitely has a great location. It is close to a huge mall, the sea and it is pretty central to popular spots for tourists and locals. For example, it is close to Almadies, Ouakam, down town Dakar and Liberté x/ Sicap. Also, the hotel has an amazing view as it looks over the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel hosts great events and after work networking events as well. All in all, Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar Sea Plaza has a perfect location.

my stay

Even though I would have liked to stay longer at Radisson Blu Hotel Sea Plaza, I only stayed for two nights. Besides that, I am not the type of person that would spend the whole day in the hotel and act all fancy. The first night, I literally just slept at the hotel and the next morning I was picked up early by Fadieye anyway. I came back at night to finally meet Sharesa! It had been about a year since I last saw her during ELITE Senegal 2018. We went to Sea Plaza to get some food and then we went to get some rest. The next morning, we treated ourselves to breakfast (look at the view!). In the afternoon, we actually packed our stuff and went on our way to Saint-Louis for #FundWellMME2019.

would I go back to Radisson?

I definitely loved staying at Radisson Blu Hotel, Sea Plaza. Overall, the best thing is that the hotel has a great location. I loved going to Sea Plaza if I needed something, or just wanted to get some food. In addition, the hotel staff was amazing, helpful and really accommodating. Which is to be expected for a five-star hotel. What I also love about Radisson Blu, is the atmosphere by the pool. If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out the video! During the day it is very relaxed and at night there’s live music and it feels really cozy. If you ever need to book a hotel when in Dakar, I definitely recommend Radisson Blu Hotel, Sea Plaza.

As most of you know, the last time I went to Senegal, I actually ended up staying for a year (Recap Senegal). Therefore, I’m excited to share yet another jourey to Senegal with you! If you have any specific questios, definitely hit me up in the commments or send me an email! Don’t forget to check out the video!

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