Senegalese baptism

Senegalese baptism - nguenté

After sharing my experience at Senegalese weddings, I think it’s finally time for a traditional Senegalese baptism, or as we say in wolof nguenté! I have actually attended quite a few baptisms, however, this one is from my cousin Awa’s second-born. Just like Senegalese weddings, Senegalese baptisms actually have different parts, but can be very different. Let’s just get into the ceremony that (usually) comes after weddings!


Youssou N’dour at King Fahd Palace

A long while back, I went to Youssou N’dour at King Fahd Palace, here in Dakar. Since Tigo had some tickets left, we got the opportunity to go! It was amazing! Just like the White Party, it was a dinnerparty with live performances of Youssou N’dour and various Senegalese artists and comedians. We were invited, and of course: WE WENT! It is my first time going to Youssou N’dour. In this post, I will take you with me on this amazing night. Let’s get into the party!