IDFA 2021 x Munganyende: Breakfast in Kisumu at OSCAM

In my last blog of 2021, I want to talk about IDFA 2021! Previously, I shared all about Rome and Venice and it was amazing to travel again! As some of you may know, I moderated for the first time this past October. If you would have told me that I would one day moderate an event in the Netherlands, I would have never believed you! Especially the program we did for IDFA with the screening of Breakfast in Kisumu at OSCAM. For real, even thinking back, it was just all surreal. All my friends were there to support me, it went very well and it gave me a whole different type of confidence I didn’t know I needed. Let’s talk all about IDFA 2021, Breakfast in Kisumu and much more!


Braid-out and Twist-out: a comparison

Today, I’m excited to share with you a side by side of a braid-out and a twist-out. Yes, it has been a while since I shared a hairblog. I believe the last one was when I wore my bantu knots in Dakar about a year ago. That aside, with quarantine I decided to keep myself busy and try something new! For reference, in a previous video, I showed you how I make my own aloe vera juice/gel. After this video, I definitely wanted to test the aloe vera and try out a braid-out AND a twist-out. Honestly, I actually love BOTH! Also, it has been a while since I updated you on my hair. Let’s get into comparing two of the most popular natural hairstyles, shall we?!


îles de la Madeleine

For the first time, I went to îles de la Madeleine. I have always seen the beautiful pictures, but I have never actually visited. When Fadieye invited me to join her to the islands, I did not hesitate! It was actually after #ELITE2018 that we decided to go to îles de la Madeleine to relax. We did not stay all day, but we definitely made it worth our while. Today, it will be different! Let’s get into this beautiful, historic island 🙂 (more…)