Dakar Farmer’s Market

Dakar Farmer's Market, Ouakam - Dec 2017On the first Sunday of December, I went to the Dakar Farmer’s Market with my sister in Ouakam, Dakar. Every first Saturday of the month, from December 2017 until June 2018, there is a Farmer’s Market where biological and artisanal products are being sold. The overall objective is to promote local consumption and the well-being of the Senegalese community. The market brings together more than 80 different exhibitors that offer a wide range of quality agri-foods and natural cosmetics. If you want to know more about the Dakar Farmer’s market, keep on reading!

Dakar Farmer’s Market

The end of the year is nearing which means that there are a lot of festivities going on. This time, I take you with me to the Dakar Farmer’s Market. This was my first time, here in Dakar, but I have been to similar markets and fairs in Dakar, so I knew kind of what to expect.

This time, the Dakar Farmer’s Market was in Ouakam near the Monument of African Renaissance (my favorite monument!). I was amazed by the turn up, and I never expected so many people to attend. Also, I did not know there were that many young white people living in Dakar. It always makes me so curious, because I really want to know the different reasons as to why people would go and live in another country.
Dakar Farmer's Market, Ouakam - Dec 2017


At the beginning of the market, there was a book where you could buy books and toys for children. I have always loved literature and of course, I had to take a look. Being in Senegal, I find it always so beautiful to see books with protagonists of color and see them have African names and such. I think it is very important for children to see themselves represented in whatever they are learning about the world. Other than that, it is important in general to see yourself being represented (positively) in any type of storytelling.
Dakar Farmer's Market, Ouakam - Dec 2017
After the book bus, we decided to stroll around the market. On the market, we were bombarded with tons of different organic products for your body, hair and food! There was even a separate market where you could eat! Of course, my sister and I had to check that one out. We ended up trying some sushi, pizza (the best I had in Dakar!) and some coconut and ginger chips (my sister’s favorite thing).

The market opened at 9am and finished at 4pm, but we left way before that though. It was a nice way for us to spend our Sunday, we had a laugh, saw some cool things and talked with some pretty dope vendors.

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