Senegal: Kaolack

Hi guys ‘n girls!Rooftop view Parcelles, Kaolack - February 2015
Rooftop view Parcelles, Kaolack - February 2015
It has been a quite while since I blessed you with a post from Senegal! As I said in my previous post, I had some troubles uploading pictures when I was still in Senegal. And because I had to prepare for my semester in Berlin, Germany, I did not have too much time to upload the rest! I am in Berlin at the moment, I have not yet taken pictures, as me and my friend are preparing for our German courses tomorrow! This post will all be about Kaolack, a place I visited with my cousin!

Welcome to Magic Land, Kaolack - February 2015

Carousel at Magic Land, Kaolack - February 2015Kaolack

Me and my cousin went to visit Kaolack, and it was very hot, especially compared to Dakar. My cousin Marilouise and I went Saturday in the late afternoon, and we returned sunday in the late afternoon. From Dakar to Kaolack takes about 4 hours..

Magic Land's very own cinema, Kaolack - February 20156 month year old Ostriches at Magic Land, Kaolack - February 2015

Magic Land

While we were in Kaolack, we got a small tour through town. One of the things we got to see was Magic land. An attraction park for little kids. One of the members of the family we visited is an architect and worked on the plans to build Magic Land. My cousin and I had the honor to meet him, his family and get a tour through Magic Land! These were the pictures I took that day. Enjoy!

Magic Land, Kaolack - February 2015


Goodbye Magic Land, Kaolack - February 2015Bumper cars at Magic Land, Kaolack - February 2015

Kaolack - February 2015

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Bizou Khady!

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