Senegal: Gorée Island

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Maison des esclaves - Gorée Island

As promised, I would do a seperate post about Gorée Island because I took a lot of pictures while I was there. I have to say: I LOVE GORÉE ISLAND! First of all, it makes me feel as if I am on a Caribbean Island, I love the sea and of course the vibe that the island gives, even though it used to be a slave island. I dedicate this blog post to Aminah! Let’s get into it :).

Gorée Island from the boat.

Gorée island

For those who don’t know, Gorée has a rich history and slaves used to be shipped from Gorée Island to other parts of the world. Maison d’esclaves is the House of Slaves, an exhibit/ tour that shows you what happened in the time of the slave trade and you can see for yourself in what kind of conditions people used to be. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the mini tour! If you have the chance to visit Gorée Island, don’t even hesitate!

Goree Island beach August 2014


This is where Male slaves were kept

This is where young women/girl slaves were kept

This is where child slaves were kept

The door of no return
Selfie at the maison d’esclaves
Random street in Gorée
Gorée Island Vibe
Gorée Island has a lot of little shops and boutiques that sell African clothes, souvenirs and African art

People also live on Gorée Island

Where there's water, there are canoes.

Random Gorée alley

Random Gorée alley

Pelicans on Gorée Island

Slave Monument. Finally free.

speaks for itself

Random Gorée alley

Last random Gorée alley

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos! Be on the lookout for more :).

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